What's your story, Brad?

If I could, I would take a long, leisurely walk with every person I meet beneath the cedar trees on my property so I can learn about them.  I love to get to know people, to hear their stories. Other people inspire me, challenge me – and I love it.  I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t reaching and stretching for my goals.  Other people’s stories are so instructive and interesting.  Sharing their stories slows them down, helps them get connected and grounded with who they are, and shed all those expectations and worries.  When they are open and honest, that is where the real work begins.

When someone is authentic, honest, and open with you, it builds trust.  You need to trust your coach, and being open and honest and real is my second nature.

I’d love to hear your story.

But I guess it’s time to tell mine.

It has been a lifelong dream to build and invite people to a space where they can re-connect, discover, and elevate themselves in their personal and professional worlds as they are so intertwined. After years of leading two lives, a professional life led in the city, connecting, and supporting professionals and another creating Cedar Root and connecting with nature, I’m so pleased to announce that the two have finally merged. I have worked and planned for many years to build a space where companies, teams, and individuals can connect with themselves, one another, and nature, helping them become more authentic and fulfilled leaders.

My journey began after I graduated from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) School of Journalism with a major in Advertising and a minor in Spanish. I have always loved to travel and have explored over 40 countries— working in Tokyo, Guadalajara, Mexico, and Istanbul.

I have worked for 25 years in sales and executive leadership positions. I started out as the co-founder of a small, bootstrapped startup, and worked my way up to executive VP/GM for a billion-dollar international media company, all while raising my three girls on my cedar-covered 20 acre woodland near Portland.

It was these experiences in the business world that opened my eyes to my true calling— helping others. 

I realized that guiding people to reach their goals leads them out of their comfort zone to places of insight and growth. I created a business where I am able to assist my clients in reaching their personal and professional potential. The most fulfilling moments are when my clients and I are able to look back and see their growth.

I’d love to help you reach your goals, too. Drop me a line below and let’s start a conversation, or take a walk in the woods and hear each other’s stories.  

Curious about what I do?

Want to know more? 

Drop me a line and let’s talk. 

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Brad Kleiner

South Upper Highland Road
Beavercreek, Oregon 


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Let's Grow Together!


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