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What is a business coach, anyway?

Coaching Basics

Any athlete who wants to get stronger, be faster, react better, improve their knowledge of the game- has a coach.  Someone whose job it is to know how to get them there.  Someone who knows the small, every day steps needed to reach that goal, and the next.

Someone who holds them accountable.  Someone who knows the long game.  Someone who has been there.

That’s what I love to do for businesses.  It is my passion.  Building and helping them to be strong, thoughtful, united, flexible, informed, & ready for tomorrow.  To have strong roots as they reach for the sky.


Do You Need Business Coaching?

Tired of just ‘winging it’ when leading people?

Has your current business hit a plateau?

Do you want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?

Want to bring your team together?

Want to change your culture?

Feeling stuck?

Not understanding why some things work and others don’t?

Need help figuring out best practices for increasing revenue, or creating a culture that works together?


You need a coach.

So many options...

There are as many aspects to running a business as there are ways I can support you or your team.

Group Peer Advisory

Peer advisory groups aim at bringing dynamic, interesting, and thoughtful business leaders together to help each other grow. I invite participants to share their experiences, allowing them to learn from and teach each other. Sharing best practices, experimenting, and forecasting change for industries along the way. Peer advisory is not for those who want to do things the old fashioned way.  It is for the leader who is open minded, thoughtful, and willing to both listen and be heard.  

Team Building

Retreats- Strategic Planning, TeamStorms, Board Breakouts, Overnight campouts.

Workshops- Goal Achievement, Mindfulness, Yoga, Forest Bathing.

Vision Boards- At the training center or Cedar Root retreat center in nature

Culture- Effective Communication, Trust & Challenge work.

Working with Employees

Hiring, on-boarding and 90 day growth plans 

Leadership Strategies

Operations & Process improvement



Working with Clients


Networking- in person and virtual

Digital Lead Generation

Revenue Generation

CRM coaching

Accountability and KPI’s

Speaking & Continuing Education Topics


Communication Strategies


Digital Presence


My Approach to Coaching

Honest.  Thoughtful.  Real.


These are the things I strive to be every day.  I bring this to my coaching.  I have been in so many roles- sales professional, manager, marketing, strategy. 

I can’t help but love what I do.  Helping businesses and professionals grow is my greatest passion. 

Go beyond the quick fix, the one-time analysis.  Dig deeper.   











Curious about what I do?

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Brad Kleiner

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Let's Grow Together!

Let's Grow Together!


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